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Citrus Valley High School

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Counseling Breakdown

Sara Fisher

9th Grade A-K

(909)799-2300 ext 34158

Email Mrs. Fisher

Lupe Barba

9th Grade L-Z

(909)799-2300 ext 34157

Email Mr. Barba

Jacquelyn Henry

10th-12th Grade A-Di

(909)799-2300 ext 34155

Email Ms. Henry


Tony Wood

10th-12th Grade Do-He & 

10th-12th EL Students

(909)799-2300 ext 34156

Email Mr. Wood


Diana Farley

10th-12th Grade Hi-M

(909)799-2300 ext 34149

Email Mrs. Farley


Fernanda Santana

10th-12th Grade N-St

(909)799-2300 ext 34151

Email Ms. Santana


Ruben Montero

10th-12th Grade Su-Z &

10th-12th AVID Students

(909)799-2300 ext 34150

Email Mr. Montero

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Counseling Corner

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Counseling Department Support Staff

Melanie Meyer, Counseling Clerk

(909)799-2300 ext 34141

Email Mrs. Meyer


Kelly Teeter, Counseling Clerk

(909)799-2300, ext 34140

Email Mrs. Teeter