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Important Attendance Information

Attendance Office Hours: 7:00AM to 3:30PM

24 hour attendance line (909) 799-2308

  • This line is only used to call in absences. 
  • The messages left at this number will NOT have a call back.

                      ►When calling the 24 hour attendance line please leave the following:

o   Student Name (First, Last)

o   Student Grade

o   Date/Dates of the absence

o   Reason for the absence

o   Students Date of birth


Students Leaving Campus

►Students please make sure that you do not leave campus unless you have been signed out or you have an off campus pass.  If a student is to leave campus without checking out you will be marked as absent, which cannot be changed.  If you have any questions please talk with Melissa or Traci in the Attendance Office.


Students 18 or Older

►If you are 18 years of age or older, please note that a parent/guardian must still clear your absences and/or sign you in/out.  If your parent/guardian has already made arrangements with the Attendance Office for you to clear your own absences and/or sign yourself in/out this does not apply to you.  If you or your parents have any questions please call the Attendance Office at (909) 799-2309.

Tardy Policy for CVHS 

Student is considered tardy if not completely inside the assigned room when the bell rings. Individual teachers may require a more strict definition (i.e., Students must be in seat when the bell rings).

Lock Out – CVHS will have a detention room where locked-out students will go. Teachers may lock students out of their rooms AFTER the tardy bell has rung. Security and other personnel will escort those students to detention. The detention room is NOT for teachers to send students with disciplinary issues. Any student with disciplinary issues must be sent to the students’ counselor or administrator.

Period 1 Tardies

  • Students who are tardy within the first 7-minutes following the late bell will be required to report to the attendance window for a pass to class.
  • After the first 7-minutes, parents will need to walk their student to the attendance window to have the student checked-in. The student then will be given a pass to class with a tardy marked in attendance. Students who show late to class without a pass will be sent to detention.
  • Students who are tardy but do not have a parent accompanying them to the attendance window will be escorted to detention as per the lock out policy. The student will be marked as tardy.

For Tardies/Detentions in any one period:

1st Tardy/Detention - Automated call home.

2nd Tardy/Detention - Automated call home.

3rd Tardy/Detention - Automated call home; one lunch detention assigned.

4th Tardy/Detention - Automated call home; two lunch detentions assigned.

5th Tardy/Detention - Automated call home; after school detention assigned; SART or Student Attendance and Review Board referral (SARB).

Please Note: Tardies and Detentions count together when assigning the above consequences.  Additionally, for any student who has 10 or more cumulative tardies (i.e., including all periods together), he/she will also be issued an after school detention.

Attendance and NO-Classroom Interruption Policies of Citrus Valley High School

A student will be marked absent by each teacher at any time he/she is not present in his/her scheduled class.  When a student returns following an absence the Attendance Office must be notified within 48 hours (not including non-school days) by means of a parents or guardian note or telephone call stating the reason for the absence.

 Failure to clear an absence with a legitimate reason within 48 hours will result in a truancy being marked on the attendance

Class Cuts or Full Day Truancy

1.      For each full day truancy and repeat violations, the following consequences may be assigned:

a)      After School Detention

b)      Saturday School

c)      School Attendance Review Team Referral

d)     Suspension

e)      Referral to School Attendance Review Board

f)       Referral to Alternative Education

The automated caller will notify parents of all students who are absent at least one period during the day.

Classroom Interruption Policy

In order to maintain the best learning environment, CVHS will adhere to the following Classroom Interruption Policy:

 Classrooms will be interrupted only for the following emergencies with the approval of an Assistant Principal or designee:

  • Death or serious injury of a family member
  • Household disaster (fire, flood, car accident with injuries)
  • Anything directly affecting the safety of a student

       o   Messages concerning a change in transportation when received from a parent/guardian will be forwarded to the student’s next class.

o   Previously unscheduled appointments, which require early dismissal of the student, will be handled through the Attendance Office.

o   Items delivered to the school at the request of the student who has called home will be held at the switchboard. The student will be responsible for checking for the delivered item(s) during passing periods or with an approved pass from a teacher.

o   “Forgotten” items, (i.e. lunch money), which are delivered, will be held at the switchboard. A note will be sent to the student to pick the item up at lunch or the end of the day – no exceptions.

o   Problems will be directed to an Assistant Principal.

All floral and balloon deliveries will be refused. Problems will be directed to an Assistant Principal
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